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Waste Collection Portal

With the Waste Collection Portal and the fill level sensors from the company SLOC, garbage cans are given a voice that reports when they need to be emptied. This creates sensible route planning that makes empty trips unnecessary.


Empty runs because of rigid route planning

Until now, waste disposal companies like Saubermacher organized their routes statically: at fixed times, certain waste garbage cans were approached and emptied. In this way, the disposal vehicles pick up each garbage can at the same intervals, regardless of how full it is. In this way, even bins that are only 40% full or less are approached. This results in unnecessary journeys and more CO2 is emitted than necessary. In addition, it means an avoidable expenditure of time for the drivers.

The digitalization of waste management offers opportunities to make collection routes more flexible and reduce empty runs. Saubermacher, in cooperation with SLOC and Denovo, has set itself the task of taking advantage of this.



When it is necessary to empty a garbage garbage can is determined by the high-tech sensor "ANDI", developed by the company SLOC. At collection points for glass or old clothes, there are garbage cans that are equipped with the sensor, which is specially designed for the type of garbage can, in order to ensure permanent monitoring of the filling level. ANDI stands for Automatic, Sustainable, Digital and Innovative.

Intelligent route planning

The ANDI sensor reports the fill level of the waste containers to Saubermacher's Waste Collection Portal in real time. This value forms the basis for demand-based route planning. At the beginning of the working day, the driver's tablet already shows an optimized route, which is adapted so that only collection containers that are full are approached. This saves resources and time. In addition, CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced.

Together with the recyclables scanner, also developed by Denovo, the Waste Collection Portal forms the basis for Saubermacher's intelligent waste management 4.0.


How did Denovo contribute to the project?

Hardware competence

Integration of the ultrasonic sensor from SLOC into the software application

App development

Development of a user:friendly web application

DevOps & Operation

Operation of the cloud infrastructure and support of the application

How our customers benefit

Through optimal route planning based on the ANDI sensor, pickup routes are planned more efficiently and flexibly. This avoids empty runs and keeps CO2 emissions as low as possible. Since no more unnecessary pickups are made, costs at the municipal level are also reduced.

About Saubermacher

Saubermacher is an Austrian service provider in the field of circular economy, waste disposal and recycling with the claim to make a contribution to an environment worth living in every day. Saubermacher's vision is Zero Waste. In doing so, it focuses on R&D, digital innovations and partnerships.

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